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What is the φ² project?

The φ² project is part of the Mobile 2.0 group of the Mobile Life Centre at Stockholm University. Within this project we explore different ways of physical check-in procedures for foursquare. Our newest release is the φ² Scanner, which uses 2D barcodes for the check-in process.

Why do you call it φ²?

Because it is all about physical check-ins for foursquare. Got it?

What is foursquare?

Foursquare is a location based social network game. If you want to know more about it, please visit www.foursquare.com.

What is the φ² Scanner?

The φ² Scanner is an application that uses 2D barcodes (QR barcodes) to make the check-in for foursquare easier. If you want to learn more about it, please watch our video.

What is the φ² Barcode Generator?

With the φ² Barcode Generator we provide a tool that allows you to generate and print your own barcodes for your favourite venues.
If you are not the owner/manager of a venue, please ask the responsible person, before you place the barcode at the venue!

What is a QR barcode?

QR (“Quick Response”) barcodes are 2-dimensional barcodes. In comparison to “normal” 1-dimensional barcodes, 2-dimensional barcodes can contain more information per unit area. QR barcodes can be easily read with cameras of cell phones. If you want to know more about QR barcodes, check out www.qrcode.com.

Which information is stored in your QR barcodes?

We simply use the link to the venue website at www.foursquare.com. With this link the venue information becomes also available for people, who use another barcode scanner without knowing foursquare.

What are the requirements for using the φ² Scanner?

You need...

  • an Android phone
  • an account at foursquare
  • the installed foursquare application on your phone.
  • the installed xzing barcode scanner on your phone.
You can find links to the applications here.

On which phones does the φ² Scanner work?

The φ² Scanner works on all Android phones.

I have an iPhone, can I use the φ² Scanner?

At the moment we haven't developed an iPhone version of the application, but please check our website regularly for updates.

My favourite venue doesn't have a barcode. How can I check in there?

Of course you are always free to check-in in the traditional way. If you like to use the barcodes check-in, you can create a barcode using our φ² Barcode Generator and ask the owner/manager of the venue to place that code visible at the entrance.

The Barcode Generator doesn't find my venue. What can I do?

If you don't find the venue by entering name and location, please use the venue ID from foursquare to create your barcodes. You can go to the foursquare website and search for your venue. Each venue has a unique ID, which you can get from the URL. Take this ID and enter it in our φ Barcode Generator.
Okay, let's give an example: The venue “Moblie Life Centre” can be found at the URL http://foursquare.com/venue/364422. The corresponding venue ID is 364422.

I don't find the venue with the barcode Generator, even if I use the venue ID. What is wrong?

If you can't create your tags using the venue ID, then the venue is not in the foursquare database. Please create the venue on foursquare and try it again.

I can successfully scan a barcode, but then the application crashes. What is wrong?

This usually happens, when foursquare is over capacity and can't deliver a response. We are working on the problem.

I have feedback / great new ideas for your service. Can I contact you?

Yes, we appreciate any feedback. Just send a mail to Sebastian@MobileLifeCentre.org

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